we understand what matters

We understand what matters

Bramalea uses a value-added approach to assume environmental responsibility in our business practices and processes by applying efficient means of sustainable product design and manufacturing. We understand what’s really important, create value for our stakeholders, who include the consumer, the environment, our employees and our business community. The Earth gives us everything we have and receives everything we produce. It is in that spirit that we take responsibility and pride in minimizing the harmful effects of our activities on the environment.

Why Choose Bramalea?

Our designers’ primary goal is to meet our customers’ specifications and expectations with sustainable designs, using new and innovative material resources. Bramalea works to constantly improve sustainability in the following ways.

  • Use of Post-Consumer Resin Whenever Possible
  • Develop and Apply Energy-Saving Strategies and Equipment
  • Execute Sustainable Designs of light weight products to decrease material consumption


why choose bramalea

We Care

Bramalea constantly researches new, more efficient means of production to lead our industry into
the future by reducing our carbon footprint and environmental impact.

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